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Posted on Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Many people wonder how to make vintage pieces look chic and less dated. To do so, you have to use your imagination and think outside of the box. This does not in any way mean you have to change your personal style. Mixing vintage with your current modern wardrobe can result in a successful ensemble you may never have thought of. By following my few tips and tricks on how to wear and style vintage, you will be a pro in no time!

Start with the basics

By starting off your vintage wardrobe with a few basics, such as a pair of denim cutoffs, a floral dress, a basic maxi skirt or a cool graphic tee, this will help you familiarize yourself with vintage clothing. These key items are a great way to build your wardrobe and can then be styled with other pieces to create great ensembles. Don’t forget to accessorize!


Take advantage of layering

Some people may be afraid to layer vintage pieces, especially in the summer. There are four simple ways that I find the easiest to layer my vintage summer wardrobe.

  • Mix casual with dressy by styling a solid coloured blazer over a vintage graphic tee and denim cutoffs.
  • Layer a vintage army jacket over a basic tee and add a vintage patterned scarf for extra flair.
  • Pairing the perfect vintage maxi dress with a vintage tee overtop, along with a statement necklace, can create the perfect summer ensemble.
  • Lastly, don’t be afraid to layer accessories such as multiple necklaces.

Mix vintage clothing with modern

If you are afraid of looking outdated, feel uncomfortable with wearing all vintage or want an easy way to start wearing vintage, try pairing vintage finds with new modern pieces. If you have found a gorgeous vintage blouse, why not try to dress it down with a pair of new denim shorts and sandals. Maybe you just found the perfect vintage floral maxi skirt and sunnies, try wearing it with a new jean jacket. Or maybe you have a new maxi dress that you could style with a vintage handbag along with a pair of sunnies and flats. By mixing vintage pieces with basic items such as a jean jacket, denim shorts, a plain or striped top, you will not feel as though you are going overboard.



Another great way to show off your vintage style is to accessorize. Using the simplest accessories such as a skinny vintage belt around a loose fitting floral dress can add definition and create a whole new look. Or even adding a vintage hat and pair of sunnies to a simple black ensemble can create a world of a difference.

Lastly, never forget to be confident in what you’re wearing!

Article written by Melissa Weiler


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